What People Are Saying

“10/10. This is 100% better than any other online classes I have ever taken!”


“10/10. We thought it was really interesting because it teaches women how it is VERY much ok to say NO, and not feel bad about it. This is the first time we have even heard of the term "Sex-Positive". We really enjoyed it!”

Jim & LacyJim & Lacy

“10/10. We thought it was a great class! Up to date info was awesome and really made us think of some items that we've never thought of before!”


“10/10. We thought it was fantastic!! We honestly thought it was really well done. We're excited to recommend it to friends!”

Rhett & CandyceRhett & Candyce

“10/10. I found the class very helpful. I liked the structure. I liked Dr. Oneal's manner. I liked the points that were raised and the detailed explanations. I feel like I have the info I need to go to my first Sex-Positive Event tonight!”