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In this course we will...

  • Bust Myths

    "Squirting isn't real," "it's just pee," and "my body isn't capable of squirting" are among the most common misconceptions. We'll learn what squirting is AND what it isn't. Including why I'm so confident stating that all women can squirt.

  • Unlock the door to better Orgasms

    This two-hour course goes in-depth to teach you about the importance of arousal cycles, female anatomy, and erotic hot spots to give you the knowledge you need to achieve consistent high-quality orgasms.

  • Super Charge Your Sexual Confidence!

    You'll acquire the deep knowledge and skills to apply the lessons learned and you will leave this course feeling completely confident in your ability to cultivate intimate, mind-blowing orgasms.

Feedback from Course Participants

“This has to be the most comprehensive class ever on sexual arousal, the mechanics of orgasm, and female ejaculation or squirting.”


“It's so much easier for me to orgasm (squirting and other), now that I understand what's going on and how I can repeat it time and time again! 🙌”


“I loved it— the information was life-changing regarding pleasure. This class will now be required viewing for all future boyfriends!”


“This class gives me the confidence to be the best lover I can be! Dr. Oneal is an incredible presenter with a joyous personality which adds a lot to the course. ”



  • Does this course only cover squirting orgasms or does it go over other types as well?

    A Squirting Orgasm is just one type of orgasm available to you! This course goes in-depth on the female arousal cycle, anatomy & physiology, mental game, and methodologies for pleasure. All of these components culminate in the experience of an orgasm— squirting or otherwise. So yes, this course covers it all! This is by far the most comprehensive course on the anatomy of an orgasm and will leave you an expert on female orgasms.

  • Because I/she has a hard time getting off by myself/herself is it going to be harder to squirt?

    I come to my role as an educator with a LOT of empathy from understanding sexual shame and beliefs that hold people back. I address this VERY POPULAR BELIEF within the first 3 slides. Knowledge really is power— understanding what is (and isn’t) happening can do wonders in reducing orgasm anxiety. Based on facts of anatomy, I strongly believe every vulva owner can achieve a squirting orgasm. With the right information, methodologies, and practice, this is a skill available to everyone.

  • You claim that EVERY vulva owner can squirt— I’ve tried and tried and have never able to. Is it really possible for me?

    Let me start with heavy doses of compassion— squirting can be a really touchy topic for many. I have helped countless women achieve this special orgasm who SWORE it was something their body would never do. To answer your question, yes, I do firmly believe every vulva owner can squirt. It comes down to basic anatomy. Female ejaculate comes from the Skenes Glands, a body part that, unless it has received extreme damage or has been surgically altered, exists in every vulva owner. The roadblocks to a squirting orgasm are largely due to lack of knowledge on what to stimulate, how, and for how long, as well as mental game. Your physiology is there waiting for you! Now it’s a matter of learning how to make it happen.

  • How does the money back guarantee work?

    If you're not satisfied during the first 30 days after buying and taking this course and feel like you did not receive great value - please send an email with why you thought the course did not meet your expectations and we will refund your money. This course aims to grow the Sex-Positive community and encourage everyone to feel safe, respected, and comfortable attending events.

  • I don't see the answer to my question written here, how can I contact you?

    I want you to be confident in your purchase and know that you will receive the value you are looking for! Please reach out to me at

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