Why take this course?

Attending a sex party is one hell of a thrill! It can also be a bit daunting if you don't know what to expect. Or, even worse, you don’t get invited back because you weren’t aware of the unspoken rules and good party etiquette.

This course will not only prepare you with the skills and etiquette that is expected of you but will give you guidance on how to have the best possible experience. More fun and less drama, please!

Whether you’re new to sex parties or a well-seasoned veteran, this course is required by various party hosts because everyone has something to gain from it.

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Don't be THAT person at the party...

Cautionary tales— avoid this behavior if you want to keep getting invited to sex parties (bonus video)

What you'll learn

Transform your knowledge and understanding of Sex-Positive Parties - including how to participate in them safely and with Confidence!

  • Party Etiquette

    Learn the rules and etiquette for attending Sex Parties so you can show up with confidence, knowing what to expect, and ready to have a great time!

  • Consent & Boundaries

    The key to attending a Sex Party is learning the nuances of Consent and Boundaries. How to ask for what you want and how to say NO to what you don't want!

  • More FUN — Less DRAMA

    Gain tools to take care of yourself and your relationship(s) before, during, and after. Plus learn about the people you'll meet and how to approach someone you're interested in!

Get ready to enjoy the exciting world of Sex Positive Events!

Learn all you need to know starting today.

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What People Are Saying about this Course!

Over 1,000 students have rated this course on average 9 out of 10.

“10/10. We loved it! It expanded our knowledge and understanding of sex-positive parties, as well as how we participate in them. We liked doing the class together, in bed, a week before we planned to attend an event. :)”


“10/10. I honestly loved it. I was talking to my partner after the check-ins, and I really think every single person of consenting age should be watching this. Even in a sex education class in school. I feel like everyone - men and women would learn a lot!”


“10/10. I'm glad to have this in my wheelhouse now! This information could have come in handy when I was going out to Lifestyle Clubs in Texas! Thanks, Cari!!”


“10/10. I thought it was perfect!! I laughed, I cried and I even learned good tools to take with me to events!! Thank you so much for doing this class!!!”


“10/10. I found it to be very informative, positive, and thoroughly educational. I was so nervous before this course. I now feel that I can carry myself with confidence to ANY event. Thank you!”


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100% Class Satisfaction Guaranteed or request a full money back refund during the first 30 days!

Bonus Goodies!

As a student in this course, we have included a number of bonus items to enhance your experience

  • 2 Videos & Worksheet

    $25 Value

    Dr. Oneal answers some of the most common Q & A questions and shares inspirational sex party stories in two additional videos. Plus, gain free access to Dr. Oneal's "Physical & Emotional Safety Check-in" worksheet.

  • Private Sex-Positive Community

    Priceless Value

    Students of this course have the option to enroll in a closed online community with other Sexual Edisons. Share your troubles, triumphs, and questions with an engaged community (and Dr. Oneal there to respond to questions!).

Frequently Asked Questions

About the course:

  • What does Sex-Positive mean?

    It's all about acceptance. Being Sex-Positive isn't the same as being "Kinky" or a "Swinger" or any other label society wants to use. It means being open, mature, and inclusive in terms of your perception of Sex. You can be "vanilla" in your personal preferences and still be Sex-Positive.

  • What kind of events fall under the umbrella of Sex-Positive Events?

    Any kind of event where you can expect to see nudity and open sexual activity - including small house parties to larger events hosted by Lifestyle Party promoters. Hotel Takeovers, Lifestyle Resorts & Cruises, and Sex Clubs.

  • I'm curious about attending my first Sex Party— what will I learn to help me decide if its even for me?

    First and foremost you'll learn all about the types of people who attend (all walks of life) and what you can expect to see. The course teaches you about important concepts related to how to handle someone hitting on you, what's appropriate if you walk into a sex scene, and best practices for couples wanting to make sure they don't do anything that might jeopardize their relationship before, during, or after the event.

  • How does the Money Back Guaranty work?

    If you're not satisfied during the first 30 days after buying and taking this course and feel like you did not receive great value - please send an email with why you thought the course did not meet your expectations and we will refund your money. The goal of creating this course is to grow the Sex-Positive community and encourage everyone to feel safe, respected, and comfortable attending events.

  • I don't see the answer to my question written here, how can I contact you?

    I want you to be confident in your purchase and know that you will receive the value you are looking for! Please reach out to me at www.DrCariOneal.com/contact